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Fine Fruits Club
Mission Fine Fruits Club

It's all about your smile!

As independent entrepreneurs and fruit "freaks", we passionately pursue our own vision of good and innovative foods. Our only "market study" is our personal taste: we exclusively offer what brings a satisfied smile to our faces, and we are happy if the results of our work evoke the same emotion in you. Do we always accomplish that? Certainly not. But since our foundation in 2002 we have been working on it with joy and love every day anew. Because your smile is our driving force.
In the development of our innovative foods, we attach great importance to taste, naturalness and quality as well as to a quick and easy use, which at the same time leaves the necessary room for creativity. And to release even more endorphins, we also pay attention to fair prices for our customers as well as for our partners in the countries of origin.
Made from the best ingredients and carefully preserved without additives, our products guarantee unadulterated enjoyment from 100% fruit. Because nature still does it best. The result are excellent smoothies and smoothie bowls, freshly prepared with minimal effort and in the shortest possible time ... and ideally drunk with a smile on your face.

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