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New: White Dragon Mix Smoothie Packs

The Whie Dragon Mix is our latest frozen smoothie mix in the well-known 120g sachets. It contains white dragonfruit, coconut, banana and cashew kernels. All ingredients come from controlled organic farming.
Our frozen smoothie packs are equally suitable for the preparation of smoothies and bowls: For white dragonfruit smoothies simply mix a 120g pack with 180ml liquid - we recommend almond milk. For a smoothie bowl add another 120g pack and mix again for about 60 seconds until the desired consistency is reached.
More info can be found on our White Dragon Mix product page.
Frozen smoothie mixture with white dragon fruit - news Fine Fruits Club

New: Organic acerola puree 300g (3x100g) retail pack

Our fine acerola puree from controlled organic cultivation is now also available as a 300g (3x100g) retail pack.
We source our acerola cherries in Brazil, where the fruits are pureed and shock-frozen immediately after harvest to preserve flavour and nutrients. Our organic acerola puree is therefore full of natural vitamin C.
We got to know our favourite recipe with acerola many years ago in a typical Brazilian juice bar. It is both simple and delicious: 100g Acerola fruit puree + 150ml freshly squeezed orange juice. Try it out for yourself!
Further information can be found on our organic acerola puree product page.
Organic acerola fruit puree for fresh smoothies - 300g retail pack

New: Coconut puree 300g (3x100g) retail pack

Our beloved coconut puree is now also available as a 300g (3x100g) retail pack.

For the puree we use the delicious flesh of the young, green coconuts without any additives. It therefore has a fresh, slightly sour taste and can be used in many ways for smoothies, bowls or ice cream.

Further information can be found on our coconut puree product page.

Coconut fruit puree for fresh coco smoothies - 300g retail pack

Jel Monteiro wins bronze at World Master IBJJF

Congratulations to our brand ambassador Jel Monteiro for winning the bronze medal at World Master IBJJF in Las Vegas. We are proud of you, Jel!

Fine Fruits Club supports young competitive athletes like Jel in achieving optimal training results through a healthy diet.

Are you interested in sponsoring? Feel free to contact us!

Jel Monteiro - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fighter

Sabrina Lutz is Intern. German Champion in Freestyle

Congratulations to our brand ambassador and kite boarder Sabrina Lutz for the title "International German Champion in Freestyle 2019"! We are proud of you, Sabrina!
Fine Fruits Club supports young competitive athletes like Sabrina in achieving optimal training results through a healthy diet. For Sabrina's favourite recipe for Açaí Bowls, click here..

New: Acai puree 300g (3x100g) retail pack

Our açaí puree CLASSIC is now also available as a 300g (3x100g) retail pack.
It offers an optimal price-performance ratio and is particularly suitable for mixing fresh açaí smoothies. As a recipe (0,3l glass) we recommend for example:
  • 1 x 100g açaí puree CLASSIC
  • ½ banana
  • 150ml apple juice
For more information please visit our Açaí puree product page.
Enjoy mixing!
Acai puree for fresh acai smoothies - Fine Fruits Club

New product line "Cubes & Pellets"

We are proud to present our new product line of 100% natural fruit purees in convenient cubes (15x15mm) and pellets (4-10g).

All fruits are sun-ripened at harvest, processed at the peak of freshness, and gently conserved through deep freezing with no additives whatsoever. Aroma, flavor, and nutrients are thus optimally preserved. It doesn’t get fresher than this.

The pellets (4-10g) and cubes (15x15mm) allow the exact dosage of the fruit purees in any recipe and are ideal for the preparation of fresh smoothies and smoothie bowls.
Interested? You can find further information on our homepage at "Fruit puree cubes & pellets".
Organic açaí IQF pellets - 4x2,5kg

New: Fine Fruits Club coconut bowls

Our new coconut bowls make your smoothie bowls look even better.

Our handmade coconut bowls provide an aesthetic and natural presentation of high quality smoothie bowls - at home as well as in the hospitality sector. Each piece is unique and thus underlines the natural character of fresh smoothie bowls!

For further information please visit our product category "smoothie accessories".



Coconut bow for smoothie bowls

Best Bowl Award 2019 by Acai-Benelux

Who is the king of smoothie bowls? Participate now in the Best Bowl Award 2019 organized by Acai Benelux and win a brand new Vitamix blender!

Get all the info at!

Good luck!

Best Bowl Awards 2019 - Fine Fruits Club

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