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New at Denn’s: Organic Smoothie Bowls

Our latest creation: Fine frozen mixes of 100% fruit, vegetables and superfoods for making fresh smoothie bowls in your blender. Fine Fruits Club bowls stand for high-quality organic ingredients in innovative recipes, packed in handy 240g carton packs. The bowls are available in four varieties:
  • Acai Bowl: açaí, mango, banana
  • Berry Bowl: strawberry, blueberry, black currant, blackberry, açaí, banana, hemp protein, baobab
  • Green Bowl: spinach, broccoli, avocado, mango, wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina
  • Pitaya Bowl: pitaya (red dragon fruit), coconut, banana, mango, cashew
Our frozen smoothie bowls are now available at Denn’s organic stores for an unbeatable €2.99. Mix your fresh smoothie bowl!
Frozen organic Smoothie Bowl - New at Fine Fruits Club

New: cocoa fruit puree 40x100g

We had to wait a long time for cocoa fruit puree. But thanks to a cooperative in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, we can now finally offer this extraordinary fruit puree made from 100% cocoa again. If you do not know it yet, you should definitely try it.

Visit our cocoa puree product page for further information.

Enjoy this lovely fruit!
Kakao Fruchtpüree Fine  Fruits Club News.gif

New: organic mango puree 40x100g

We are very happy about the first product innovation 2020: Organic mango puree in 40x100g cases for the HORECA segment.
We source our organic mango puree from Nicaragua, where the mangos are picked at the optimum degree of ripeness and then processed and shock-frozen in a timely manner. Taste and nutrients are thus perfectly preserved.
Interested? You can find more information on our organic mango puree product page.
Have fun mixing fresh organic mango smoothies!
Organic mango puree for fresh mango smoothies - Fine Fruits Club News

New: Organic açaí guaraná puree 300g (3x100g)

If you want to prepare açaí bowls just like on the beautiful beaches of Brazil, you should try this delicious mixture of fine açaí puree and vitalizing guarana syrup. In addition to our catering packs (4kg cartons with 40x100g) this cult recipe is now finally available in our practical 300g (3x100g) retail packaging.
Simply mix 3 x 100g açaí/guaraná puree with a frozen banana and 100-150ml apple juice, coconut water or almond milk for about 60 seconds! Ready is your fresh açaí bowl for two persons.
For further info please visit our organic açaí guaraná puree product page.
Organic acai guaraná puree for bowls - 300g (3x100g)

Visit us at Biofach 2020!

Biofach will take place again in Nuremberg, Germany, from February 12th to 15th 2020. It is regarded as the world's leading trade fair for organic food and we don't want to miss this opportunity to exhibit our exciting organic product range. At the fair we will also present our latest product range (surprise!) which we are already looking forward to.
It's still a bit early, but plesase make a note of the date. See you all at our booth in hall 7A-700.
For further info please visit!
Fine Fruits Club - Biofach 2020 - Hall 7A-700

New: White Dragon Mix Smoothie Packs

The Whie Dragon Mix is our latest frozen smoothie mix in the well-known 120g sachets. It contains white dragonfruit, coconut, banana and cashew kernels. All ingredients come from controlled organic farming.
Our frozen smoothie packs are equally suitable for the preparation of smoothies and bowls: For white dragonfruit smoothies simply mix a 120g pack with 180ml liquid - we recommend almond milk. For a smoothie bowl add another 120g pack and mix again for about 60 seconds until the desired consistency is reached.
More info can be found on our White Dragon Mix product page.
Frozen smoothie mixture with white dragon fruit - news Fine Fruits Club

New: Organic acerola puree 300g (3x100g) retail pack

Our fine acerola puree from controlled organic cultivation is now also available as a 300g (3x100g) retail pack.
We source our acerola cherries in Brazil, where the fruits are pureed and shock-frozen immediately after harvest to preserve flavour and nutrients. Our organic acerola puree is therefore full of natural vitamin C.
We got to know our favourite recipe with acerola many years ago in a typical Brazilian juice bar. It is both simple and delicious: 100g Acerola fruit puree + 150ml freshly squeezed orange juice. Try it out for yourself!
Further information can be found on our organic acerola puree product page.
Organic acerola fruit puree for fresh smoothies - 300g retail pack

New: Coconut puree 300g (3x100g) retail pack

Our beloved coconut puree is now also available as a 300g (3x100g) retail pack.

For the puree we use the delicious flesh of the young, green coconuts without any additives. It therefore has a fresh, slightly sour taste and can be used in many ways for smoothies, bowls or ice cream.

Further information can be found on our coconut puree product page.

Coconut fruit puree for fresh coco smoothies - 300g retail pack

Jel Monteiro wins bronze at World Master IBJJF

Congratulations to our brand ambassador Jel Monteiro for winning the bronze medal at World Master IBJJF in Las Vegas. We are proud of you, Jel!

Fine Fruits Club supports young competitive athletes like Jel in achieving optimal training results through a healthy diet.

Are you interested in sponsoring? Feel free to contact us!

Jel Monteiro - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fighter

Sabrina Lutz is Intern. German Champion in Freestyle

Congratulations to our brand ambassador and kite boarder Sabrina Lutz for the title "International German Champion in Freestyle 2019"! We are proud of you, Sabrina!
Fine Fruits Club supports young competitive athletes like Sabrina in achieving optimal training results through a healthy diet. For Sabrina's favourite recipe for Açaí Bowls, click here..

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